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5 Years of Summer

5 Years of Summer is a musical improv duo group.  With the audience suggestions of two characters, how they met, and how they broke up, 5YoS then weaves a sad, beautiful and hilarious love story of the combination.  Using the formats of the musical, The Last 5 Years, and the movie, 500 days of Summer, 5YoS is perfect if you love either one, music, improv, or have just been in and out of love before.

5 Years of Summer is:

Lauren Chapman

Dan Chapman

Joseph Gels (year reader, director)

Adam Brooks (musical director)

Check out some of our Videos...

Helga G Pataki and Jimmy Neutron

Harold Night at ImprovBoston

Cinderella & Harrison Ford

The Rockwell Theater

Wonder Woman & Tom Hanks

The Green Room

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