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Good Words

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Matt & ben


"The bromance that’s put on display in The Riot Theatre’s production of Matt & Ben was enough to get me on board for the comedic ride.  The chemistry between the two leading actors was so apparent that the gender-bending never felt out of place."

-Travis Manni, New England Theater Geek



"I was drawn to [Chapman] and Hochheiser's performances.  [Chapman] drawled out Luann's saccharine self-compliments to her heart's delight, and it was a joy to see how much she could communicate with confident smiles, irritable pouts, dangerous smikrs, and posturing struts.  She made a good physical foil to the downtrodden, self-deprecating Eudora." 

-Fabiana Cabral, My Entertainment World Museum

The Witch DungeOn Museum


"These kinds of experiences rest on the tour guides you get. Luckily for me, I got Lauren! She knows her facts, is well spoken and is a true story teller. She really brought the historical facts to life."

- Trip Advisor

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